Referat Generalforsamling - 27-02-2021

Dagsorden for generalforsamling:

1) Valg af dirigent - Rasmus W K

2) Valg af referent - Morten Dreier

3) Årsberetning og godkendelse heraf - Rasmus delivered it and talked about our difficulties this year and it was accepted. David added that “Bestyrelsen” have only met only since last year. Uffe added that we had Winterfinder last year.

4) Fremlæggelse af regnskab, budget og næste års kontingent.

a. Højere priser for forenings kontoer.

b. Prisstigning på hosting af hjemmeside.

Uffe: Presented the financial accounting, budget.


Alexander. 1500 missing? Uffe said that it was due to multiple accounts. And that with the kiosks during cons we have most likely slowly lost money there due to the trust system we use there.

The 1500kr is the cons from 2019 till 2020. And from now on we should be able to more easily see if we are missing money going forward.

Budget: Rasmus says that we need to contact all members we had in 2020 to see if they want to remain members.

David says that only he and Uffe are current paying members.

Uffe: Bank expenses keep rising. He asks if we should look for another bank?

If we remain in this bank we will have a small yearly deficit.

5) Indkomne forslag. Forslag skal være indkommet senest en uge før generalforsamlingen.

No proposals have been sent.

6) Valg til bestyrelse og én suppleant

a. Kasserer posten er på valg.

b. Et almindeligt bestyrelsesmedlem er på valg.

Accountant post: David. Unanimously elected

Board member: Uffe. Unanimously elected

Suppleant: Alexander. Unanimously elected

7) Eventuelt

David: Suggest that society holds a big party after Corona to incentivise members to participate again. Spend money for the good of the society.

Board and bank: Access to the account. Only formand and accountant hass access right now. David suggests that a normal member should also have access.

Alexander: Accountant can request another person to have access.

We will need to change the Articles of Association later.

Contact members during december to remember to pay for the next year.

David: Should we kill the homepage? Olav uses it at times. Rasmus says that we have paid this year already. Also it has issues and David will look into it.

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